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What is our products?

2018/9/3 view:
1).We are the manufacturer of cutting tools, providing OEM services for domestic and foreign machinery manufacturers. With the development of online trade, B2C (manufacturer's trade between users) is possible. So we accept all kinds of users product orders, you only need to tell us the model of your machine or the drawing of the tool
2).At the request of the customer, they want to purchase more products at a time in order to reduce the cost of trade. To this end, we can provide our manufacturing partners' products, including tools, machinery, and mechanical parts, which are zero-profit, Therefore, it can only be provided to an additional service for customers who have ordered our products. 
Our main products include carbide cutting tool,cutting knife,cutting blades,slitting knife,slitting blade,circular knife,amada press brake tooling。the carbide cutting tool means the material of cutting tool is Tungsten carbide.Tungsten carbide cutting tool have two types,circular sliting blade and thin cutting knife,click carbide cutting tool page for detials.the slitting knife is also called slitting blade,The shape of the slitting blade is usually circular, so it is also called a round knife or circular knife,Divided into metal slitting blade, paper slitting knife, film slitting blade, aluminum foil slitting knife, copper strip slitting blade, tape slitting blade, Cloth slitting knife etc.The thickness of the cutting blade is as thin as 0.1mm,material of the cutting blade have 9SiCr,Cr12,Cr12MoV,HSS,Carbide,Zirconia ceramic.
The third type of product is the press brake tooling. Our press brake tooling can be up to 6 meters long.which is divided into press brake dies,press brake die film,press brake die holder,press brake die adapter,press brake punch.the press brake die material have 60#,70#,42CrMo.The shape of the bending machine die is divided into the shape of press brake die angles,press brake adjustable die,press brake tooling gooseneck punches,etc.