Founded in the 1990s and more than 25 years ago, we started from a single woodworking blade, now to develop into three professional division of labor factories, products covered most of the industrial equipment knife
Mold Factory specializes in bending machine die, sheet metal machine blade and so on. With 20 years of experience in OEM production, the manufacturing process is becoming more and more perfect, and the variety of products is increasing. At present, the bending machine die has formed a number of series, at the same time, the factory makes full use of the advantages of equipment to develop and produce a series of cutting tools such as shearing, rolling, punching, cutting and crushing.After the reform, the mold factory will have stronger technical strength. By using computer analysis, simulation, numerical control and other new technologies to improve the level of mold manufacturing technology, the production scale of more than 500 varieties of 6 series with bending machine molds will be formed.
the Fupont company and the local professional industrial blades factory share shares and technology alliances. For the carton packaging industry, a professional round knife factory was established with the characteristics of ultra-thin, high-precision and high wear resistance. Production of various industries of carbide, high-speed steel slitting round blade, dish-shaped round blade, slotted garden arc knife, multi-blade cutter ring, trimming knife, spiral knife, cross cutter, slitter knife and other carton packaging full set of blades Wait.
The thin knife factory is a highly specialized batch blade production workshop. With the development of the economy, people's demand for blades is more refined. Specialized blades can greatly improve production efficiency and facilitate people's lives. To this end, we have established a thin knife workshop, which produces thin knives including textile knives, packaging blades, and living knives. In recent years, in order to meet the needs of domestic and foreign markets, we have increased the development of Tungsten Carbide and Industrial Ceramics. Welcome to visit and purchase.
The company pays great attention to contracts, keeps its reputation, and is anxious for users. It wants the users to think, insist on unremitting service, ensure on-time delivery and improve after-sales service, and assist each user to take the lead in the fierce market competition with advanced manufacturing equipment. machine. The company adheres to the management policy of “seeking market with quality and developing with technology”. We sincerely hope to cooperate closely with users at home and abroad for common development with excellent quality, reasonable price and considerate service.